Sitecore 10 Certification Crash Course

Presented the Sitecore 10 Certification tips and tricks on 18th Feb 2022 at the Sitecore User Group Pune.

This presentation clocked exactly one hour and was attended by about 100 participants. It was a great experience considering the fact that it took me about a couple of weeks to put together this presentation  apart from my day-to-day work commitment + handling Covid-19 home isolation as one of my family members had caught the virus.

I especially enjoyed building the diagrams since they provide clarity of thoughts and they are visually appealing too.

Here is the pdf version of the presentation Sitecore 10 Certification Crash Course

Here is the PPT version of the presentation Sitecore 10 Certification Crash Course

Recording of the presentation: Sitecore 10 Certification Crash-Course

FAQ: About Sitecore 10 Exam Registration

Sitecore 10 Exam competencies

Topics Covered:

SIA Installation Errors

Master vs Web DB
Data Templates
Template Inheritance
Insert options
Standard Values
Field Editor Button Use
Presentation Details
- Layout
- Controls
- Placeholder Settings
Dynamic Placeholder
Static vs Dynamic Component Binding
Sitecore MVC Concepts
- Layout
- View Rendering
Sitecore Rendering properties
Visual Studio Publish vs Sitecore Publish
Versioned Layouts
Site Definition Patch Config
Sharing Content between Sites
Config File Load Order
Sitecore Support Package
Sitecore Security Domains

User Manager
Role Manager
Security - Users/Groups
Elements of Workflow
Sitecore ASP.NET Core Rendering Host
Sitecore Headless Service
Sitecore ASP.NET Rendering SDK
Startup.cs functionality
Service Registration in Startup.cs
Sitecore CLI Plugin Setup
Sitecore CLI - sitecore.json
Sitecore CLI - module.json
Sitecore CLI vs Sitecore for Visual Studio
Sitecore Docker Lifecycle
.env file
General Sitecore MVC titbits

Sitecore 10 Certification Mock Exams:

Mock exam-1:

Mock exam-2:

Mock exam-3:

Reference URLs:,the%20user%20could%20possibly%20insert.,one%20can%20plug%20component%20renderings.,layout%20for%20a%20specific%20period.,are%20set%20to%20default%5Canonymous.


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